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Relentless (adjective)
Persistent; continous; nonstop

The dog's __ barking got on my nerves.
Rationale (noun)
the underlying reasons for something; logical basis

Danielle's __ for majoring in business was simple.
flippant (adjective)
disrespectful and not serious enough

When a teenage boy is asked to clean his room, he's likely to give __ response such as "Why should I?"
congenial (adjective)
agreeable or pleasant in character; friendly

I was nervous being at a party where I didn't know anyone, but the other guests were so __ that I soon felt at ease.
Prompt (verb)
to urge into action

To __ her son Byron to get a job, Mrs. Davis pinned the want ads to his pillow.
reprisal (noun)
the paying back of one injury or bad deed with another

In __ for being fired, a troubled man shot several people at the factory where he used to work.
impasse (noun)
a situation with no way out; dead end

If you think you've reached an __ when trying to solve a problem, take a break.
rapport (noun)
relationship, especially one that is close, trusting, or sympathetic

In high school, I had such good __ with my gym teacher that our close relationship continues to this day.