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ended the French and Indian War between England and France
Treaty of Paris 1763
ended the American Revolution with England
Treaty of Paris 1783
Spain allowed Americans to travel freely along the Mississippi River and settled boundry disputes between US and Spain
Pinckney's Treaty 1795
ended the Battle of Fallen Timbers; 12 Indian tribes agreed to give up their land that consisted of most of present-day Ohio and Indiana to the US gov't
Treaty of Greenville 1795
America acquired Louisiana territory from France; doubled size of country
Louisiana Purchase 1803
ended the War of 1812 with England
Treaty of Ghent 1814
Spain gave Florida to the United States
Adams-Onis Treaty 1819
ended the war with Mexico; United States acquired the Mexican Cession
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo 1848
gave US more land that had been northen Mexico; completed the acquisition of land that makes up the present-day borders of the continental US
Gadsden Purchase 1853
British agreed to leave the forts they occupied on the American frontier
Jay's Treaty 1794