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established judicial review -the Supreme Court can review any case of a lower court
Marbury v Madison, 1803
states can't tax the federal gvmt (or the First National Back), "implied powers"
McCulloch v MD, 1819
established the supremacy of the natnl gvmt in all matters concerning interstate commmerce
Gibbons v Ogden, 1824
established the "religious release" idea for release from school
Zorach v Clauson, 1952
ruled the organized prayer in public school was unconstitutional
Engle v Vitale, 1962
upheld the equal access law; if you allow any non-academic clubs, you must also allow any other non-ac clubs
Westside Community Schools v Mergens, 1990
ruled that teachers could not be forced to teach creationism or banned from teaching evolutionism
Edward v Aguillard, 1987
ruled that religious seasonal displays on public property were allowed as long as the display was multi-religious
Lynch v Donnelly, 1984
ruled that chaplains were okay in Congress because adults are less influenced by peer pressure
Marsh v Chambers, 1983
caused an ultra conservative Baptist college to lose its legally exempt tax status becuse they were discriminating
Bob Jones University v US, 1983
established the lemon test - religious schools can recieve federal funds as long as the funds are not used to purchase relgious materials
Lemon v Kurtzman, 1971
established that "obscene" materials would be decided according to contemporary community standards
Miller v CA, 1973
established "prior restraint" - school officals are legally allowed to violate your freedom of speech and press because they can limit school published articles
Hazelwood School District v Kuhlmeir, 1987
upheld shield laws protecting reporters' sources
Brazenburg v Hayes, 1972
"symbolic speech" ruled that wearing armbands (in protest to the Vietnam war) was not disruptive in a school environment
Tinker v Des Moines School District, 1969
A man was put in jail for sedition for urging people not to enlist for WWI
Schench v US, 1917
declared "seperate but equal" okay - did not establish criteria for judging the equality of the different schools
Plessy v Ferguson, 1896
intergrated schools, overturned the "seperate but equal" concept
Brown v Board of Education, 1954
you can only seize things that are included in a warrant "searches and seizures"
Mapp v Ohio, 1961
established the right to "free counsel"
Giddeon v Wainwright, 1963
"miranda" rights established; you don't have to be your rights until they are about to question you
Miranda v AZ, 1966
declared captial punishment unconstitutional
Furman v GA, 1972
upheld a return to capital punishment (but now there was a set of steps for receiving the death penalty)
Gregg v GA, 1976
This man got his stomach pumped in the police search for illegal drugs - cruel and unusual
Rachin v CA, 1969
abortion "right to privacy" all laws prohibiting abortion were declared unconstitutional
Roe v Wade, 1972
"reverse discrimination" a man was denied admission because he was not a miniority - later accepted after SC ruled
Bakke v Board of Regents U Cali, 1973