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Art. 1
Union of States
Art. 3
Formation of New States
Art. 51A
Fundamental Duties
Art. 53
Executive Power of Union
Art. 54
Election of President
Art. 55
Manner of Election of President
Art. 63
Vice President
Art. 66
Election of Vice President
Art. 73
Extent of Executive Power of Union
Art. 74
Council of Ministers to Aid and Advise President
Art. 75
Ministers (Other Provisions)
Art. 76
Attorney General of India
Art. 78
Duties of Prime Minister
Art. 88
Rights of Ministers and Attorney General (ref. Parliament)
Art. 101
Vacation of Seats (ref. Parliament)
Art. 102
Disqualification for Membership (ref. Parliament)
Art. 108
Joint Sitting of Houses
Art. 110
Definition of 'Money Bill'
Art. 123
President Ordinances during Parliament Recess
Art. 124
Establishment and Constitution of Supreme Court
Art. 127
Appointment of ad hoc Judges
Art. 128
Attendance of Retired Judges at SC sittings
Art. 129
SC as Court of Record
Art. 163
Council of Ministers (State)
Art. 165
Advocate General for State
Art. 169
Abolition or Creation of Legislative Councils
Art. 200
Assent to Bills (State)
Art. 215
Every HC as Court of Record
Art. 233
Appointment of District Judges
Art. 243A
Gram Sabha
Art. 243D
Reservation of Seats in Panchayats
Art. 243I
Constitution of Finance Commission
Art. 243K
Elections to the Panchayats
Art. 248
Residuary Powers of Parliament
Art. 249
Parliament's Power to Legislate State List Matters in National Interest
Art. 250
Parliament's Power to Legislate State List Matters during Emergency
Art. 252
Parliament's Power to Legislate for One or More States
Art. 253
Legislation for International Agreements
Art. 266
Consolidated Funds and Public Accounts (India and States)
Art. 300A
No Deprive Property Except by Authority
Art. 301
Freedom of Trade, Commerce and Intercourse
Art. 312
All-India Services
Art. 324
Election Commission (Superintendence, Direction and Control of Elections)
Art. 326
Elections to Lok Sabha and State Legislative Assembly based on Adult Suffrage
Art. 350A
Mother Tongue at Primary Education
Art. 351
Development of Hindi Directive
Art. 352
Declaration of Emergency
Art. 368
Power of Parliament to Amend the Constitution
Art. 370
Temporary Provisions with Regard to Jammu and Kashmir
Art. 393
Short Title