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once upon a time
Habia una vez,
describe the scene of an action, a state or condicion en progress in the past
The birds sang happily adn the trees moved with the wind on that beautiful day in the summer.
expression of habits in the past
we always went there in the summer

she came to my house often
physical descriptions of phsysical conditions or characterics of people or things in the past
my mom was very young when she got married

the park was covered with flowers
mental and emotional states
desires, wishes, feelings, opinions
querer, poder, saber, conocer, estar, creer, etc.
she was happy
she wanted to fix her car
i believe he was from costa rica
expression of hour and age in past
it was 12 when they left for school

he was 15 years old when he got married
for two actions that happened at the same time in the past

while robert went to the airport, his friends practiced spanish

carol talked with andrea while sandra answered the telephone
an action interrupted by another

imperfect is interrupted by past tense

Yo caminaba por la calle cuando empezo a llover.
expressions of courtesy
what do you want

who are you looking for
expression of a plan you had, but it never happened

Iba a ir +infinitive.
ibia a ir trabajar, pero no fui porque llovia demasiado.