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Are T-cells ever soluble
No- they are always membrane bound
Where are TCRs derived from
genetic recombination during maturation in the thymus before it has even encountered a complementary Ag
What is significant about the cytoplasmic tails of TCRs
They are short- so you need the CD3 complex to aid in signal transduction
What are the V and C chains of a TCR made of?
alpha and beta chains (minority have gamma and lambda chains)
In a TCR, what is significant about those with lambda and gamma chains instead of the alpha beta chains?
The Ag that binds in these chains isn't processed with MHC
What composes the TCR complex?
The TCR and CD3 components
What makes up the CD3?
It is an accessory molecule with a zeta zeta homodimer, (delta and epislon) and gamma and epsilon) heterodimers.
What does the CD3 complex do?
It participates in signal transduction (does not influence with Ag binding)
Which T-cell accessory molecules aid in TCR adhesion?
CD4/8, CD2(LFA-2), LFA-1, CD45R
Which T-cell accessory molecules aid in TCR signal transduction?
CD4/8, LFA-2, CD28, CTLA-4, CD45R, CD5
Which T-cell accessory molecules are members of the IG superfamily?
CD8, LFA-2, LFA-1(CD11a), CD28, CD45R
Which T-cell accessory molecules are not members of the IG superfamily?
LFA-1 (CD18), CTLA-4, CD5
What is the Kd of TCRs compared to that of the Ag-Ab complex
It is relatively weak.
How do TCR compensate for their weak adhesion with Ag?
They strengthen the bond with Cell Adhesion molecules (CD3 complex)
When does activation of a T-cell occur?
When the signal is fully sent.