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Where is naive B cell activation initiated?
In the outer areas of follicles in secondary lymphoid tissues
What is CD40 important for?
Formation of germinal centers and associated B cell differnetiation
When does isotype switching occur?
It occurs one week after initial B cell activation by T-dependent antigen
Where does isotype switching occur?
Germinal centers
What does switch recombination to IgE require?
Affinity maturation (somatic mutation)
Process that leads to gradual accumulation with time after immunization of higher affinity antibodies for the immunizing antigen
Where does affinity maturation occur?
Germinal center
When does affinity maturation occur?
7-10 days following B cell activation
Where are memory B cells formed?
Germinal center
When are memory B cells formed?
One week after antigenic challenge with a T dependent antigen
Why does entry of memory B cells into lymph nodes occur via afferent lymphatics rather than HEVs?
Memory B cells have reduced expression of L-selectin, the molecule that facilitates extravasation of naive B cells from blood to the lymph node at the HEVs
How long do memory B cells survive without stimulation?
Weeks or months
T-indep antigens
Antigens that can induce naive B cell activation in the absence of cognate interaction with T cells
Examples of T-indep antigens
Low concentrations of LPS
Pneumococcal polysaccharide from Streptococcus pneumonia.e
B cell mitogens
High concentrations of LPS
T cell mitogens
How many Vβ are shared by the entire T cell population?