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Extracellular antigens are _
Intracellular antigens are _
Extracellular - bacteria
Intracellular - viruses
Primary lymphoid organs
- Bone marrow (B and T cells)
- Thymus (T cells)
This is where cells are born
Secondary lymphoid organs
- Lymph nodes
- Spleen
- Tonsils
- MALT - gut (Peyers patches), BALT (bronchus)- this is where cells mature
How do we generate a vast and varied number of antibodies with limited amount of DNA
- Recombination
- DNA rearrangement
- RNA splicing
Type I MHC is on what cells
All cells
Type II MHC is on what cells
Antigen presenting cells
Antigen presenting cells
- Macrophages
- Dendritic cells
- Langerhans cells
- B cells
Which MHC specific for viruses
Type I
WHich MHC specific for bacteria
Antigen presenting cells
Characteristics of innate immunity
- Nonspecific
- Rapid
- Physical barriers
- Phagocytosis
- Complement
- Interferons
- Lysozyme
- Induces fever
- Inflammation
Characteristics of acquired immunity
- Specific
- Slow, then rapid
- Inducible
- Memory
- Antibodies
- B and T cells
Two types of interferon type I
alpha and beta
Alpha interferons are produced by _
Beta interferons are produced by _
How do interferons inhibit viral replication
Degrade mRNA - inhibit protein synthesis
Describe neutrophils
- Formed in bone marrow
- Multi lobed nucleus
- Granules
- Early defense against bacterial infections
Which cells are increased in pyogenic infections
Macrophages develop in _
bone marrow as monocytes
- Release of pharmacologically active substances contained with granules
- Allergies
- Major role against parasites
- Secretion of eosinophilic granules results in damage to parasite membrane
Which enzyme generates toxic oxygen radicals
NADPH oxidase
Oxygen independent killing
Inducible nitric oxide synthetase generates nitric oxide in both phagocytic and non phagocytic cells
NK cells kill what cells
with decreased MHC class I expression
NK cells have 2 types of receptors - what are they
Inhibitory - recognizes MHC alpha chains
Stimulatory signals
3 complement pathways
- Classical
- Alternative
- Lectin
All 3 complement pathways converge at _ and result in _
MAC - membrane attack complex