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What is the function of the innate immune system?
The innate immune system prepares the adaptive system to respond. Innate immunity provides first line of defense.
What are the cell types seen in innate immunity?
Dendritic Cells, Macrophages (Monocytes), NK Cells, Complement, Neutrophils, Eosinophils, etc
When stimulated, what molecule do dendritic cells and macrophages express that stimulate T Cells
What is a major cell type that traffic to the sites of wounds?

What are they attracted by, what do they do?
- Neutrophils

- Provide RAPID response

- attracted by complement C5a

- Phagocytose foreign cells, toxins, and viruses
What type of molecule do macrophages and NK cells produce that stimulate the immune response?
Besides, neutrophils, what other type of (more specialized) cell type migrates to a wound?
- Monocytes which give rise to tissue macrophages

- While neutrophils provide rapid response, macrophages persist and provide PERSISTENT RESPONSE
What cell type captures antigen in the periphery and transports it to the lymphnodes?
Dendritic Cells
What are 4 examples of receptors that phagocytes have which allow them to ingest pathogens?
1. Mannose Receptor

2. Mac-1 intergrin (allows binding of microbes opsonized w/ complement)

3. Scavenger Receptor

4. Toll like receptor
Once phagocytosed, how are microbes destroyed inside a phagocyte?
By joining vacuole with microbe in it to a lysosome with ROS (reactive oxygen species)
What molecule do NK cells produce that stimulate macrophages?
How do NK cells destroy a microbe?
- Binds microbes opsonized with IgG (to NK FcGamma receptor)

- releases perforin to kill
What molecule do macrohpages release that stimulates NK Cells?
Why do NK cells not kill self cells?
Because binding of normal MCH-I molecule on self cells INHIBITS the activity of NK Cells
Can innate immune cells change their receptors to better see pathogens?
No, they contain static/pre-determined receptors that encode for stereotypical pathogen antigens
What do Toll-like Receptors (TLRs) bind to?
Pathogen-Associated Molecular Patterns (PAMPs)
What is the receptor on a T-Cell which binds to the B7 produced by dendritic cells and macrophages?