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The two complementary systems of the immune response are
1- Humoral immune system.
2- Cellular immune system.
Immunoglobulins are produced by
B Lymphocytes or B Cells
B lymphocytes complete their development in
Bone marrow
The cellular immune system depends on the action of
T Lymphocytes
The basis of affinity chromatography when we're separating antibodies is
The antibody reacts with the hapten very specifically
2 Heavy chains + 2 Light chains
Immunoglobulins are classified into 5 classes according to the nature of their heavy chain
1- IgG(Gamma.)
2- IgM(Mu.)
3- IgD(delta.)
4- IgA.(Alpha)
5- IgE(epsilon.)
The light chains are either
Kappa or lambda
The variable regions form the
antigen binding site(Fab)
Papain ckeaves the antibody molecule
at the hinge region into 3 fragments.
IgM is the
first antibody produced in the early stages of immune response
IgM level in serum is
8-10% of the total antibody percentage in serum.
Pentameric structure.
IgM class is
macroglobulins existing in pentamertic form.
IgG is
the main serum antibody 75-80% of the total plasma antibody. The only antibody which passes to the fetus, memory B cells.
IgA is found mainly in
secretions, saliva, tears. Initial defense against bacterial and viral pathogens.
Monomer, Dimer or trimer,
0.04 in serum, they anchor to mast cells stimulating release of histamine.
has no clear function.
Which Ig has the greatest molecular weight?
950, IgM
Which Ig has the lowest MW?
The molecular wight of IgA is
170 monomeric up to 720 polymeric
Molecular weight of IgE is
Molecular weight of IgD is
The carbohydrate content of IgM is
The carbohydrate content of IgG is
the carbohydrate content of IgE is
The carbohydrate content of IgD is