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antibody dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity

NK cells are targeted to IgG coated cells

lysis of antibody coated cells

NK cells express special receptor (FCgammaRI/CD16) for IgG constant region
anaphylatoxin, a complement fragment generated during complement activation
bind specific cell surface receptors and promote acute inflammation by stumlating chemotaxis and by activating mast cells
Immune complex
complex of one or more antibody molecules w/ bound antigen

can vary in size

activate effector mechanisms of humoral immunity (e.g. classical complement pathway and Fc mediated phagocyte activation)

complexes deposited in blood vessel walls, renal glomeruli and joint synovia
hyperacute rejection
form of allograft (or xenograft) regection

-begins w/in minutes to hours of transplantation
-characterized by thrombotic occlusion of graft vessels
-meditaed by pre-exisiting antibodies in host circulation that bind donor endothelial antigens such as blood group antigens or MHC molecules
Fc Receptor
cell surface receptor specific for carboxy-terminal constant region of an Ig molecule
hemolytic disease of the newborn

example of ACTIVE immunization by exposure to mismatched RBCs

Rh(-) mom --> stimulated to make anti-D antibodies in response to Rh(+) RBCs from fetus

Antibodies will attack RBCs of subsequent Rh+ fetuses of that mom
serum sickness
disease caused by injection of large doses of protein antigen into the blood

characterized by deposition of antigen-antibody "immune" complexes in blood vessel walls (esp. in kidneys and joints)
C' Receptor
natural antibodies to major blood group antigens

bind to RBCs carrying target antigens resulting in massive hemolysis
Immune thrombocytopenia purpura