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What is immigration?
The movement of a person into a new country.
What is Ellis Island and where is it located?
This place is in New York and it was the place where immigrants from eastern countries had to check in. They went through interrogations, medical checks and lots of waiting while there.
Why did people immigrate into the United States? List several reasons.
Religious freedom
Better opportunities
Own land
What were the two main parts of the inspection process?
Health examination and interrogation
What is migration?
The movement of a person within a country.
What is Angel Island and where is it located?
This place is in California and is where immigrants from Western countries checked into the United States. The immigrants went through interrogations, medical checks and lots of waiting.
Describe the journey to America in the 1800's.
Crowded, smelly, lots of illness, dirty, very long, lack of food, bad quality of food
Why did immigrants settle in the United States where they did?
jobs, easy access from immigration stations, live by people from same background,
How is immigration different now than it was in the 1800's?
People come in planes, boats and/or cars. Ellis Island and Angel Island are not open. The paperwork and medical checks are done in the home country and not in the new country.