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moderately elevated alk phos
but minimally elevated AST & ALT
primary biliary cirrhosis
which markers are on the abnl cells of CLL?
In CLL, abnl cells are like B cells and thus have CD19 & 20
NADPH oxidase deficiency
NADPH oxidase converts NADPH==>superoxide

then superoxide dismutase converts superoxide==>H2O2 (req for resp burst)

no NADPH oxidase
==>no H2O2
==>no resp burst
what pathogens can trigger Reiters?
Campylobacter jejuni
Chlamydia trachomatis
nl #B cells but decr plasma cells and decr Ig
common variable immunodeficiency

(idiopathic dysfxn of B cells)-
acquired rather than genetic
in AIDS pt w/CD4 count=30, why can Ig for envelope proteins continue until his death, while Ig to internal structural proteins disappear?
Envelope proteins of HIV virus are always changing, and thus req IgM. Internal structural proteins are constant and thus have been around for a while and req IgG.

T cells are needed to make IgG, but not to make IgM. Thus, AIDs pts with low CD4 T cells can still make IgM against envelope proteins.
transplant from one identical twin to another is called
syngeneic graft

(autograft is only for one person to himself)
-active immunity
--natural active immunity
--artificial active immunity

-passive immunity
--natural passive immunity
--artificial passive immunity
active immunity=person makes his own Ig

natural active immunity=person contracted dz himself and makes his own Ig

artificial active immunity=person is given vaccin (i.e. DTaP) and then makes his own Ig against it

-passive immunity=person is given Ig

--natural passive immunity=the Ig that fetus receives via placenta

--artificial passive immunity=inject Ig into person
what heart prob can rheumatic fever cause?
multinulceated giant cells w/eosinophilic cytoplasmic and nuclear inclusion bodies-

indicates what dz
rheumatic dz
=rheumatic fever

-sequelae of GAS (Strep pyogenes)
-Type II hypersensitivity:
Anti-Strep Ig cross-react with (and bind, thus Type II) cardiac and joint tissue
==>pancarditis (endocarditis, pericarditis), including Mitral stenosis
==>subcutaneous nodules
autoantibodies in Sjogren's
Rheumatoid (anti-IgG)
Anti-Ro (anti-SSA)
Anti-La (anti-SSB)
"ring enhancing lesions" on CT scan
toxoplasmosis (intracellular parasite)==>thus eliminated by cell-mediated response (Th1)
cell-mediated response involves which T cell