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pyramid (pyr-a-mid)
a massive monument with a rectangular base and four triangular faces culminating in a single apex; serving as a tomb or temple, found especially in Egypt.
Oath (oath)
a serious statement in the name of God or of some sacred thing, as the Bible, that one will speak truth, keep a promise, etc.
embellish (em-bel-lish)
to improve by adding something.
enduring (enduring)
Lunar (lu-nar)
of or like moon. Measured by the revolution of the moon around the earth.
essence (es-sence)
that which makes something what it is; most important or basic quality of a thing.
fame (fame)
glory, great reputation, eminence.
Oracle (Or-a-cle)
a person a deity is believed to speak through. Ashrine in which a deity reveals hidden knowledge. Aperson giving wise or authoritative decisions opinions
Apollo (A-pol-lo)
The god of the sun, medicine, music, poetry and prophecy.
Ptah (P-tah)
the god who was the creator of heaven and earth who produced all things through thought and the word.
philosopher (phi-lo-so-pher)
one who seeks wisdom or enlightenment: scholar, thinker.
papyrus (pa-py-rus)
a kind of paper made from this plant, used as a writing material.
unique (u-nique)
rare, exceptional, remarkaBLE, ONE OF A KIND.
anatomical (an-a-tom-i-cal)
Having to do with anatomy. Anatomy deals with the different tissues, parts, and organs of the body.
antiseptic (antiseptic)
any substance used to kill germs or stop their growth, as alcohol or iodine.
Asclepios (A-scle-pi-o-s)
The Greek god of medicine.
counsel (coun-sel)
advise, guidance, opinion.
deify (de-i-fy)
to exalt, to worship as a god.
credit (cre-dit)
attribute, acknowledge.
divine (di-vine)
sacred, holy, godlike.