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The equation that relates the load to the stress is given by
S = P/Ao = load/area
The equation that relates te strain to the deformation is given by
e = ΔL/Lo = deformation/gage length
Hooke's Law is given by the equation
Fully-recoverable strain is called...strain
The two unit cell configurations that we will discuss in this class are
bcc (body centered cubic) and fcc (face centered cubic)
A material that creates a neck prior to fracture is called a .... material
a material that exhibits more than one phase is called either a .... or ... material
allotropic or polymorphic
The process whereby a material gains strength as it deforms is called....
strain hardening
Plastic strain is considered as
the amount of energy that a material can absorb prior to fracture is called its
the maximum stress that a material can withstand is called the
ultimate tensile strength (UTS)
the basic building block of metals is called the
unit cell
deformation that occurs before reaching the yield strength is called ... deformation
one ksi is equal to
1000 psi
Tensile test properties are considered to
the slope of the linear portion of the stress-strain curve in the elastic region is called....
elastic modulus or Young's modulus
when elastic strain is recovered after deformation, this is called
elastic strain is considered as
fully recoverable
the physical change in shape of a tensile specimen after exceeding its UTS is called
when a material fails without creating a neck in the specimen, the sample is said to be a ... material
deformation that occurs between the yield strength and the ultimate tensile is....deformation
when unit cells are combined into a single unit, that unit is called a
the stress that separates the elastic from the plastic strain regions is called the
yield strength
a block of metal is made up of many
Grains are in turn composed of many
unit cells
a steel called 8620 would have a carbon content of approximately
Attaching....the the name designates phases of a metal
greek letters
hardness is a measure of a material's resistance to
surface indentation
to change the properties of a material using heat, the process is called
heat treatment
cast iron is an alloy of iron and
a steel called 4140 would be considered as a (plain carbon or alloy) steel
the high temperature phase of iron is called
the lowest temperature that a particular composition of material will remain fully liquid lies on a line called the
all iron-carbon mixtures less than 2.0% carbon are of the family called
a preoload on the indenter is used with the ... hardness test
the indenter with a 1/16" hardened steel ball is used with the...hardness test
a steel called 4140 would be called a (low, medium, high) carbon steel
iron with more than 2% cabron is called
cast iron
the uppermost line on an equilibrium phase diagram is called the
the reaction where the material goes directly from a liquid to a solid without an intervening phase of liquid and solid is called the
a 1010 steel would qualify as a (plain carbon, alloy) steel with a (low, medium, high) carbon content
plain carbon, low
the room temperature phase of iron is called
gamma iron has the name
converting only the ferrite to austentite upon heating and then cooling back to ferrite and cementite is called
full anneal
steel is an alloy of iron and
when a material goes directly from one solid phase to another without a mixture of phases, it does so only at the .....reaction conditions
hardness test that uses the largest indenter ball
Occurs at the composition that has the lowest possible heating point
Ferrite, room temperature form of iron, is also called
alpha iron
Shaping the desired metal chemistry into semi-finished or finished shapes
steel is made up of
iron and carbon
All ferrite and Fe3Cis transformed to austentite upon heating and back to ferrite and Fe3C upon cooling
A form of a material possessing a single characteristic structure. It is physically distinct, chemically homogenous, mechanically separable
A steel designated as 1010 is considered as this
plain carbon
Changing the chemistry of the base metal by adding alloying elements to achieve specific properties
removing the impurities from the ore to get to the base metal
The temperature below which the material will be fully solid is this
The lowest line on the phase diagram
Unit Cell Structure of austentite
Unit cell structure of ferrite
to make a hole in a casting, a mold feature called required
to allow the easy removal of the pattern or casting from the mold, a mold feature called a ... is provided
draft angle
the vertical portion of the flow channel for a green sand casting is called the
the indication on the casting showing where the mold halves met is called the
parting line
the mold in a lost wax casting is considered as a ... mold
unit (expendable)
the green sand casting flask is composed of the following parts in order from top to bottom
Bottom Board
green sand consists of moisture in addition to....
clay and sand
the physical or virtual representation of the item you wish to cast is called hte
shell molding has a pattern that is considered as a ....pattern
EPS is used as a pattern material for the casting process called
lost-foam casting
the mold feature that allows air to escape from the cavity and provides a second source of molten metal is the
the three allowances in casting pattern design are
shrinkage, machining, distortion
the pattern for green sand casting is considered as a .... pattern
the recess in the mold that holds the core in place is called the
core print
the mold material for an investment casting is made from
the ceramic casting process that we discussed is called
investment casting
the pressure casting process where the material to be cast is melted at the casting machine is called
hot chamber die casting
The pressure casting process where the material to be cast is melted away from the casting machine
cold chamber die casting
all sand casting processes have a mold that is considered...(permanent or unit)
the pattern for shell molding is considered as(permanent or unit)
the casting process where dry sand is used for the mold material is called
lost-foam casting
to make a hollow casting, a core is often used. Please name two casting processes that Do Not use a core to make a hollow casting.
slush casting and centrifugal casting
arrange the following processes in order of increasing minimm thickness for an allowable casting section by numbering 1 for the thinnest and 4 for the thickest.

die casting
green sand casting
investment casting
permanent mold casting
die casting 1
green sand casting 3
investment casting 2
permanent mold casting 4
Name three different casting processes that are considered as sand casting processes
shell molding, green sand casting, lost-foam casting
Name three of the permanent mold casting processes
cold chamber die casting
hot chamber die casting
centrifugal casting
green sand consists of moisture plus
clay and sand
a cast iron pipie is made by the process called
centrifugal casting
The pattern material for evaporative casting is made from this
EPS (Expanded Polystyyrene Foam)
Lost foam casting, evaporative casting
full mold casting
The last mold feature that the liquid metal flows through before entering the mold cavity
the process where a multipoint tool has each tooth cutting slightly depper than the tooth before it as the tool passes through the owkrpiece is called
the movement of the tool in boring is
parallel to the axis of rotation
the lathe process that decreases the outside diameter of a bar is called
the controls for a lathe are located in the
to create a hole in drilling that is the correct size and direction, a process used
the part of the lathe that rides on the ways and carries the cross-slide is the
the metal removal rate is measured in units of
to square the end of a workpiece on a lathe, the process is called
in horizontal milling, when the tool and workpiece are moving in opposite directions, the process is called
conventional milling (up)
a tool with flutes is used in the process called
the controls for a lathe are located in the
the chip slides on the...of the tool
rake face
the broaching tool is considered as a ... tool
the localized increase of a workpiece diameter in forging is called
to make a hole in an extrusion, a ... must be fitted to the ram
when plastic deformation of the workpiece takes place after heating the material to a temperature below the recrystallization temperature, the deformation is called
warm working
to make a thick sheet into a thin sheet, the process is called
flat rolling
the clearance to use in shearing metal is
10% of metal thickness
grain refinement brought about by hammers or rollers generates a product called
the forging process that uses a hammer and anvil is called
open die forging
when using the forging process with the tooling as rolls with grooves cut in them the process is called
roll forging
to make a channel from a bloom, the process is called
shape rolling
the four parts of the cut edge as indicated below are:
rollover, burnish, fracture, burr
the 3 deformation modes in sheet metal forming are called
drawing, bending, and stretching
when a desired circular part is cut from a large sheet, the process is called
the sheet metal process called....only takes place along a straight line
the rotary process for bending sheet metal is called
roll forming
forcing a material through a die using compressive forces is called
forward extrusion
when a tube is forged between mating rolls to form a new shape for the tube walls, the process is called
ring forging
to make a cup from sheet metal, the process is called
in extrusion, when the material is forced around the punch and not though a die, the process is called
backward extrusion
the one sheet metal deformation process that deforms around the punch and not over the punch is called
when steam is used both to raise the forging hammer and to drive it against the workpiece, the process is called
high energy rate forming
to make a round disk to be used later from a rectangular sheet of metal, the process ... is used
when the forging process called .... is used to increase the diameter of the workpiece
a pizza pan is an example of a drawing operation called
shrink flanging
cold working occurs at a temperature
room temperature
warm working occurs at a temperature
below recrystallization temperature
hot working occurs at a temperature
above recrystallization
material that undergoes grain refinement through hammering or rolling is called a
wrought material
a crescent wrench handle uses a form of forging called
closed die
a nail or a bolt uses a form of forging called .... to make the shape
...metl metals use the process called melt atomization to make their powders
low temperature
in order, afte the powders are made, the processes necessary to accomplish making a P/M part are...
blended, compacted, and sintered
Compaction of the powders can achieve nearly 98+% of
theoretical density
high temperature melt metals use .. to make their powders
spark atomization
one advantage of using P/M is....
high production rate
one disadvantage of using P/M is
material cost
when determining what current and welding time in cycles to use for ERW, the diagram is called a ... diagram
weld lobe
when sound is used for welding energy, the process is called
USW..Ultra sound welding
three important factors for gas welding are flame...
temperature, stand-off, and speed
the joining process that uses a foreign metal that melts belor 450 degrees celsius is called
when the gas welding process uses a flame with the proper mixture of acetylene and oxygen, hte flame is called
adhesives cure under the following conditions
elevated temperature, room temperature, anaerobic (no oxygen)
two part adhesives are always of the type called
the weld geometry for a t joint is a ...
fillet weld
the letters HAZ stand for
heat affected zone
the arc welding process that uses a bare, continuous, consumable electrode and flux to physically exclude the oxygen is called
the arc welding processe that uses a tungsten, nonconsumbale electrode is called
the arc welding process that uses a bare, continuous, consumable electrode and a bottled shielding gas is called
the welding process that uses the heat generated by electrical resistance is called
When acetylene is used as the fueld for welding, the process is called
OFW oxyfuel welding
when the gas welding process uses a flame with too much acetylene, the flame is
when the gas welding process uses too much oxygen its
the strongest orientation for reinforcement in composites for strength is called
the weakest orientation for reinforcement in composites for strength is called
midrange orientation for reinforcement in composites for strength is called
the making of foamed polymers id done by the process called
the non-combinable form of a polymer molecule is called the
the combinable form of a polymer molecule is called the
when a thermoplastic polymer is forced through a nozzle into a mold, the process is called
injection molding
three forms of a composite structure are
particulate, laminar, and fiber
pigments and fillers belong to the class of materials used as .... for polymers
to make polymers, small molecules are combined to make large molecules in teh form of
rings and chains
a one-gallon plastic milk jug would be made by the process called
blow molding
a sheet of plastic would probably be made by the process called
when a thermoset polymer is injection molded, the process is called
the polymer forming process most like impression die forging is called
compression molding
plastic trash bags are often made by the process called
blown film
when a polymer product has a small circle and a short nib protruding from that circle, the product was made by the processs called
injection molding
the mickey mouse form that you made in lab was done by the process called
vacuum forming
vacuum forming must use a polymer of the...type
transfer moldign uses a polymer of the
thermoset type
extrusion uses a polymer of the...
thermoplastic type
an extrusion is the intitial or preprocessor for the following polymer processes
blow molding and blown film
the form of polymer that can be softened due to heat without change in its chemical properties is called
layers in refinforcement in a composite generate a composite called
laminar composite
putrusion is done using the polymer family called
the form of polymer that can undergo large elastic strains without fracture is called the
EPS is made by the process called
a home spa or jacuzzi is made by the process called
spray up
a composite pressure vessel would be made by the process called
filament winding
a skylight would be made by the process called
free blowing
a hollow thermoplastic or thermoset ball would be made by the process
rotational molding
a blisterpack for selling hardware, packing chewing gum, and pharmaceutical pills would be made by
vacuum molding
three processes that use compressed air in the process are
blown film, blow molding, free blowing