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What year did Berry Gordy first start Motown?
Who did Berry Gordy sell Motown to, and for how much?
MCA, 61 Million Dollars
When did Sam Phillips start his Label and what was it called?
1950, Memphis Recording
Who did Sam Phillips sell Elvis's contract to and for how much?
RCA, 35,000 dollars
What year did Bruce Swedien start recording orchestrial works for RCA and Where?
1957, Chicago
What year did Bruce Swedien first work with Quincy Jones?
What year did Quincy Jones start arranging charts for Jazz Icons?
What year did Quincy Jones work with Frank Sinatra?
What decade did Quincy Jones start publishing and producing for film and TV, and what TV shows and what years?
80's, 1985-The Color Purple, 1990-Fresh Prince of Bel Air, 1992-Vibe.
What year did Ahmet Ertegun start what label?
1947, Atlantic
Convert 76 watts to milliwatts?
Convert 12 kilo to meters?
Convert 154 micrometers to millimeters?
Explain the PIERZ-WAVOO chart?
PIERZ-Power, Current, Electromotive force, Resistance, Impedence/WAVOO-Watts, Amps, Volts, Ohms, Ohms
Explain the Inverse Square Law?
Double the feet, and subtract 6 db.
Define Dialog?
Dialog ties the plot and the narrative side of the story together.
What does a Boom Operator do?
Microphone person.
What is a Production Audio Mixer's job?
Gets sounds to the field recorder?
What is ADR?
Automated Dialogue Replacement?
Explain sound effects added in real time?
What are 2 types of music for film?
Original Score, and Source Music.
When you add 2 speakers how much db would you add?
3 db
Your one speaker measures at 100db, you need to boost the SPL level to 109db, how much speakers will you need?
6 speakers
Find the offset between
02:45:36:08 and 01:21:15:24.
What are the 3 parts of an Advertisement?
Psychological of Color, Layout, and Copy
What are the four types of advertisements(give examples)?
Fears and Problems(Anxiety), Fun and Pleasure(Camel),Varieties and Egos(Rolex),Consensus(Celebrity Endorsements)
What is a dry guitar signal?
a signal with no effects
What are the six most common effects used in modern studios?
compressor, gates, reverb, delays, equalizers, flanger