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Who is Quincy Jones?
He was a Producer/Muscian, worked with a wide variety of people such as Dizzy Gillespie, Frank Sinatra, Count Basie, and Tommy Dorsey. In 1980's Published & Produced T.V. & Film. Worked on Fresh Prince, Color Purple.
He was in Blues Brothers 2000, Did music for color purple movie. creative. Worked with Michael Jackson on album Thriler.
Who is Berry Gordy?
He was a Songwriter/Autoworker, managed "The Miracles". Founded Motown in his home in Detroit. Moved the label to LA were it was sold for 61million to MCA. Managed Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, Temptations, Four Tops, Stevi Wonder, Jackson 5
Created a record label. Worked with huge legendary artists! Sold company.
Who is Sam Phillips?
He started in Radio, made the label Sun Records. Recorded and Produced Elvis' 1st album. Sold Elvis' contract to RCA for $35,000. He also managed Jerry Lee Lewis & Johnny Cash.
The sun sure is bright! Walk the Line main character? "You ain't nothing but a houndog".
Who is Bruce Swedien?
Is an Engineer/Producer recording mostly orchestral works before moving to Jazz acts. 1958 started collaborating with Quincy Jones on Michael Jackson project. Duke Ellington, Nat "King" Cole, Paul McCartney.
Collaborated with man who worked with Michael Jackson. Worked with the King Cole, Beatle legend.
Who is Ahmet Ertegun?
He founded Atlantic Records. They had contracts with Ray Charles & Buddy Guy, Aretha Franklin, Willie Nelson, Wilson Picket. Opened the door for recorded black music.
Opened the door for whom? Worked with R.E.S.P.E.C.T., and the star of the movie Ray. Founded a record label name of a certain ocean.
Metic Conversion Chart?
T G M K NONE m u n p
Tera, Giga, Mega, Kilo, milli, micro, nano, pico
To convert, must move the decimal 3 spaces to the left. The opposite is true if we move right on the scale.
remember chart where you have to move numbers back and forth and figuring out decimal places.
Inverse Square Law?
Calculating the reduction in amp of sound by understanding amp relationship w/distance. Double distance, drop 6dB or add 6dB depending. Away from speaker drop 6dB, getting closer to speakers add 6dB.
remember the diffaculty you had with this chart. Trying to figure out if there was an easy equation.
Is the most important element, must be clear & legible b/c it tells the story. Must be the plot & the narrative side of the story together. It is captured on the set by the Boom Operator or Production audio mixer.
The conversations between characters. Boom operator or Production Audio Mixer captures this on set?
Boom Operator & Production Audio Mixer?
Boom Op- Person responsible for capturing dialogue on set.
Pro Audio Mixer- Makes sure the audio being recorded on the set is being recorded at a good clean level.
recording on set..
ADR ( Automated Dialogue Replacement)
Talent must come in to redo his/her lines in a controlled enviroment. (studio)
automatic talking replacing, studio
Timecodes Offsets & Sound Delay?
Hours=24, Minutes=60, Seconds=60, Frames=30.

Distance/1,1130ft per sec
sound delay =time
subtraction, delay sound = time
Sound Effects/Foley Effects ?
sound effects added in real time to the picture, such as footsteps, clothing, movements, and other sound captured on the set.
different movements
Music 2 Types, Editing Process?
There is original score & source music
source magazine movie sound
Advertisements:3partsof an Ad?
Colors discussed in class?
Types of Advertisements?
1.Psychology of Color
2.Layout-how it flows, is there clear path
3.Copy-way ads are worded
Red & Purple discussed in class.
Types of Ads=Fears & Problems, Fun & Pleasure, Concensus-implies corrections everyone is doing it why shouldn't I?
Marketing schemes, McDonalds, Money Everyone is doing it why shouldn't I?