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Who invented the phonograph and when?
Thomas Edison in 1877
Who invented the 78rpm format and when?
Emile Berlin in 1887
Eho brought magnetic tape recording to the U.S.?
Fritz Pfleumer
Who developed the first multitrack recorder?
Les Paul
What was the first radio station?
KDKA in Pittsburg PA
What is the story behind the 33 1/3 rpm LP?
It was an advanced record that could be recorded on both sides but came out during the great depression and never was succesful until a remake years later.
Who created the condensor microphone?
Bell in 1920
Who created the first photograph?
Joseph Nicephore Niepce
Who improved it?
Louis Daguerre
Who delivered photography to the public
George Eastman in 1888
Who claimed to have invented the motion camera?
whos camera was also a projector? (Cinematograph)
Lumiere Bros.
What was the first successful "talkie"?
"The Jazz Singer" by Warner Bros.