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What unit type code covers communication and information responsibilities?
When is the AF IMT 209, Communications and Information Management After Action Report, provided to an individual?
Before they deploy
What job components make up the on-the-job training program?
Knowledge, Porficiency, and experience
What skill level is completion of the career development course mandatory?
Craftsman and Journeyman only
Who conducts a comprehensive review of the entire career development cource with the trainee in preparation for the course examination?
Within how many days after notification of test arrival does a unit training manager schedule the trainee for the examination?
30 days
Within how many dasy does the unit commander conduct an interview with the supervisor and trainee after a course failure?
30 days for active duty and 90 days for AF reserve
What options does the commander have after a trainee's second failure of a CDC exam?
Evaluate for possible CDC waiver
What document identifies all day-to-day mission requirements, core task, and additional duties performed by work center personnel?
Master Task List
What type for alternative training consist of instructors, trainers, training aids, and operational equipment that formal schools send to bases?
Mobile training teams
Waht is the purpose of the planning and implementation mgt seminare?
Provide just in time training on the base level planning an implemenation flt
How many parts are in a career field education and training plan?
What does a ceritfier use to identify all duty position requirements, including those core tasks associated with the current duty position
Master Training List
Who ensures tests are valid and relevant by using ratings of testing importance, knowledge of job structure, and performance by pay grade groups of specific tasks?
What do people involved in training decisions use as part of instructional systems development?
Occupationa Analysis