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Where does the authority for the fuctions and responsiblities of IM originate?
United States Code and Public Law
What act provides policy to ensure public access to federal gov't information?
Freedom of Information Act
Which of the following are ways we manage information in support of information resources management?
Security and Privacy
What is the most critical piece of the information life cycle?
What is the result of correlating and fusing info and assessing its meaning through the application of cognition?
What term best describes preparing Airmen to successfully lead and act in the midst of rapidly evolving enviroments?
Goal of force development
What best describes the operation level of force development?
When may a trainee perform a task unsupervised?
Once he or she is task certified
What outlines the work center description and approved variances for the IM flights in peactime?
Air Force manpower standard
Who provides functional expertise and direct customer service to help staff support information managers?
Base functional manager
Who are the information managers's customers?
Information users, both internal and external
What is the information systems flight (SCB) responsible for?
NCC operations and Help Desk
What is the support flight (SCS) responsible for?
Visual info services and Publishing services
What is the plans flight (SCX) responsible for?
Budgeting and Billing
What function is associated with plans and program IM core competency?
Communications and Info Mgt Awards