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18. No Discrimination Because of Sex.
All people are equal whether male or female.
16. Ex Post Facto Laws and Impairing Contracts
Can't be found guilty of a crime if the law hasn't made it a crime yet.
15. Right to Eminent Domain
Property can't be taken away for public use unless paid for.
2. Due Process and Equal Protection
Entitled to justice by law.
13. Trial by Jury
Right to Trial by Jury.
14. Imprisonment for Debt
No one may be imprisoned for debt, unless he can pay and refuses to...
19. No Discrimination Against the Handicapped.
Person with a disability can't be kept from being hired if they are qualified.
20. Individual Dignity
Can't use slurs because of their race, religion, etc.
21. Quartering of Soldiers
Do not have to consent to housing the army.
1. Inherent and Inalienable Rights
All people are born free and equal.
5. Right to Assemble and Petition
Gather in groups peaceably
7. Indictment and Preliminary Hearing.
Speedy hearing and Trial
6. Searches, Seizures, Privacy and Interceptions
The police can't enter a private home without a warrant.
8. Rights after Indictment
Right to a lawyer.
22. Right to Arms
Citizens can keep guns
10. Self Incrimination and Double Jeopardy
Don't have to testify against self, and can't be tried twice for the same crime.
3. Religious Freedom
Can worship as one pleases.
11. Limitation of Penalties after Conviction
Sentence for a crime shall be equal to seriousness of crime.
12. Right to Remedy and Justice
All people are assured prompt justice for injury to him or his property.
4. Freedom of Speech
Can write, and say what you want as long as you don't say lies.
17. No Discrimination in Employment and the Sale or Rental of Property
All people are equal when buying or renting a house or when applying for a job.
9. Bail and Habeas Corpus
Have to be charged within 24 hours.