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 Press restrictions initially lifted on print media
 many new papers & magazines are started
 exposes on police brutality lead to the resignation of police chief
 some editorials call for a reduced role for the Supreme Leader
 conservative forces call for unity & obedience
NOV 1997
 Nov. 1997: the Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri is charged w/ treason for & placed under house arrest
 (he is released for health reasons in Jan. 2003)
 Apr. 1998: Gholam-Hossein Karbaschi
 Apr. 1998: Gholam-Hossein Karbaschi, mayor of Tehran & Khatami’s campaign strategist, is arrested under corruption charges
 in July he is found guilty, jailed for 5 years, & banned from running for office for 20 years
 5/23/98:
 5/23/98: tens of thousands pack Tehran University to renew the call for reform
 on 5/25 20,000 conservative clerics launch counterdemonstration while vigilantes harass student activists in Tehran
 Nov. 1998: Darius Forouhar & several other reformers are murdered
 the media & public opinion express outrage
 on 1/5/99 the Intelligence Ministry admitted that several of its operatives were responsible
 2/26/99: reformers win most local elections amid 65% turnout (including mayor of Tehran)
 July 1999: students protest proposed press restrictions
 a crackdown leads to a week of increasingly violent exchanges & calls for an end to theocracy
 conservatives label the students as allies of foreigners
 Khameini steps in to support Khatami amid rumors of a coup
 Oct. 1999: the majlis regulates candidate screening in a manner designed to keep reformists out while raising the voting age to 17
 2/18/00: reformers win a majority of the majlis
 this raises expectations on Khatami, yet he still faces all of the other prior obstacles
 Council of Guardians
 Expediency Council
 Supreme Leader
 conservatives in the judiciary & the security forces
 Apr. 2000: judges begin to ban a series of reformist publications
 on 4/20, Khameini called the papers “bases of the enemy”
 during 2000-2002 over 70 papers are banned
 7/27/00: Khatami announces plans to run for re-election in 2001 in an effort to rally support
 Aug. 2000: vigilantes disrupt a reformist convention leading to 1 death & 35 serious injuries
 Oct. 2000: Culture Minister Ataollah Mohjerani is criticized by Khameini for preparing a bill to protect press freedoms (that is vetoed by the Council of Guardians)
 Nov. 2000: 17 reformists are charged w/ “propaganda” by the Revolutionary Court for appearing at a German conference
 11/26/00: Khatami acknowledges growing criticism – “I do not have sufficient power to implement the constitution.”
 he hints that he is reconsidering his decision to run for reelection
 he waited to register until 5/4/01 (1 month prior to June 2001 election)