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What are the five B's to remember density differences?
Bullet,bone,blood,blubber and bubbles
What 2 variables can be manipulated when taking radiographs?
KVP (kilovolt peak) and MAS miliamps/second
What are the cartilaginous disks of growing long bones?
Epiphyseal,metaphyseal or growth plates, or physes
During growth how does the physis appear radiographically?
As a radiolucent line (dark line)
What should not be mistaken for fractures radiographically?
Physeal lines or sesamoid bones
When the majority of the physes of the limbs closed. What are the exceptions?
By 1 year except iliac crest (1-2.5 yr and pelvic symphysis (5-6yrs) and possibly head of humerus
What are the last physes of the shoulder and stifle to close?
Head of the humerus (13mo) and tibial tuberosity
When does the physis of the anconeal process close?
3-4 months
The different views ________ different sides of the bones.
What does the lateral view silhouettes?
cranial and caudal or dorsal and palmer/plantar surfaces of bones.
What are radiographic landmarks for the lateral side of the limb?
Spina of scapula, greater tubercle(humerus), distal ulna, accessory carpal bone
What are the radiographic landmarks for the medial side of the thoracic limb?
radial carpal bone, dew claw
What are caudal/palmar landmarks of the forelimb?
head of the humerus, olecrannon, accessory carpal
Name two normal structures that can be mistaken for fractures in the forearm.
anconeal process of ulna, sesamoid bones of digits or latera lcollateral lig. of elbow; accessory ossicle of caudal scapula
List the bones of the proximal row of carpal bones from medial to lateral.
radial, ulnar and accessory carpal bones
On what side of the limb is the accessory carpal bone?
lateral and palmar
What makes the space between bones seen in a radiograph?
Joint space and articular cartilage
Is cartilage seen radiographically?
No, only inferred
Since cartilage can't be seen radiographically, how is it evaluated?
check subchondral bone (under cartilage)
What is an pathological osseous (bony) outgrowth seen radiographically?
osteophyte or enthesophyte
What is an increase in the density of a bone?
What is immobility and consolidation of a joint due to disease, injury or surgical procedure?
What is destruction of a bone, seen as reduced density (blacker)?
What is a luxation or dislocation?
Complete loss of contact between articular surfaces of a joint.
Define a subluxation.
Partial loss of contact between articular surfaces of a joint
What is osteochondrosis (OC)?
Defect in endochondral ossification: deeper layer of articular cartilage die
List 2 of 4 common sites of OC?
medial humeral condyle
medial and lateral femoral condyle
proximal medial trocjlea
What is osteochondrosis dissecans (OCD)?
Osteochondrosis + dissected flap of cartilage
What is a joint mouse?
Calcified dissecting OCD flap- break off and floats in synovium
What can the cat's clavicle be mistaken for in a lateral radiograph?
bone in the esophagus
Where is osteochondrosis of the elbow located?
Medial condyle of the humerus
What is ununited anconeal process?
Failure of anconeal process to unite with ulna.
When is the anconeal process considered ununited?
If not united after 5 months
What is fragmented medial coronoid process?
Improper development and fragmentation of cartilaginous precursor