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fixed bank lights mounted on apparatus generally range from ____ to _____ watts each
500 to 1500
NFPA also recommends rejecting candidate with hearing loss greater than ___ decibels in any one of three frequencies (500-1000-2000Hz) and avg loss greater than ___for for freq's
hydraulic rescue tools are powered by _____, ______, _____, ______.
compressed air, electic motors, gas motors, PTO's
specific req's for the design of initial attack app are contained in ___of NFPA 1901
midipumpers are usually built on chasis over _____.
12,000# GVW
the common size for foam tanks on municipal fire apparatus is ___ to ___ gallons.
In U.S. ___ establishes basic requirements licensing drivers. In Canada ___ has the same authority
DOT/ Transport Canada (TC)
Elevating water devices typically range in height from
50-75 feet
standard for wildland fire apparatus
NFPA 1906
NFPA 1901 Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus requires that the minimum pump capacity be ___.
750 gpm
NFPA 1582 Standard on Medical Requirements requires FF to have a corrected far visual acuity of
20/30 with contact lenses or spectacles
NFPA ___ divided ARFF app into 3 categories-
_______, ____ and _______
414, major fire fighting vehs, rapid intervention vehs and combined agent vehs.
the largest portable generators have a _____capacity.
5000 watt (5kW)
NFPA 1582 recommends rejecting FF candidate with hearling loss of ___.
25 decibels or more in 3 of 4 frequencies. (500-1000-2000-3000 Hz) in unaided worst ear.
Municipal pumpers rarely have pumps that exceed ____ gpm. However industrial fire pumpers frequently have pump capacities in excess of ___ gpm.
2000/ 2000
Industrial foam pumpers are built according to NFPA __ and NFPA ___.
11 / 1901
NFPA ____ Standard for Fire Apparatus D/O Professional Qualifications.
Some industrial foam pumpers have a foam proportioning systems that exceed the pumping capacity. Most have a large foam concentrate tank, from ____to ____gallons
Standard for Fire Service Vehicle Ops Training Program
NFPA 1451
For pumps larger than 750 gpm, standard capacities are found in increments of ____ gpm.
specific req's for the design of mobile water supply app are found in ___ of NFPA 1901
ch. 5
vehicle mounted generators have a capacity up to ____ and recues have even larger capacity generators up to ___.
12kW 50kW