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The statement that accurately describes the goal of any inpection program is ___
a fire that does not occur is the one that is most easily controlled
Enabling legislation, define
legislation that gives appropriate officials the authority to implent or enforce the law
What is the NFPA standard for professional qualifications for fire inspector and plan examiner
NFPA 1031
What is a cease and desist order
court order prohibiting a person or business form continueing a particular course of conduct
An inspector that is certified to the level II must be able to perform which duties
- interpret and apply adopted codes and standards
- determine the occupancy loads for multi use buildings
- testify at legal proceedings
- perform plans reviews
- apply fire and life safety codes requirements to complex situations
- evaluate code compliance in the manufacture, storage and use of flammable and combustible liquids, gases , and haz mat
Name the categories of inspections
- annual
- issuance of a permit
- response to a complaint
- eminent hazard
- new construction
- change in occupancy
- owner, occupant request
What is the difference between state/provincial laws and local laws and ordinances
local laws and ordinances, although sometimes based on state laws, are more specific and tailored toward the exact needs of a particular county, municipality or fire protection district
What is a stop work, or a cease and desist order
a court order prohibiting a person or business from continuing a particular course of conduct
True or False
Inspectors do not have to stated the reason for inspection
inspectors must stated the reason for inspection
True or False
Inspectors must be easily identifiable with credentials prominently displayed or immidiately available for review
Federal laws concerning inspections include the following topics
- employee safety
- transportation of hazardous materials
- patient safety in health care facilities
- accessiblity for handicapped citizens
- minimum housing standards
In addition to enforcing selected federal laws, what other laws to states enforce
state laws
Enabling legislation defines ___
the extent and limitations of the departments authority
Public inspectors must be aware of what concerning insurance requirements
some of them are more aimed at protecting property than concern for life safety
What are discretionary acts
acts involving actions inpectors consider necessary to fulfill their responsibilities
Define indemnity
One party agreeing to compensate another party for losses or damages that are incurred if specific acitons or events occur
To indemnify the inspector means ___
the AHJ assumes the responsiblity for any claims against the individual
Define duty to inspect clause
the clause charge the inpector with total enforcement. The code is applied equally to all applicable occupancies in a given jurisdiction
From a liability standpoint, is it better to less, more thorough inpections or more frequent, less complete inspections
less inspections, more thorough and complete
Define AHJ
Authority Having Jurisdiction
Define standard as in reference to inspections
a set of principles, protocols and procedures that is developed by committees through a consensus process
Define code in reference to inspections
a collection or compilation of rules and regs enacted by a legislative body to become law in a particular jurisdiction
What is a prescriptive based (aka specification based) code/standard
stipulates in details the types of materials that can be used and how they must be assembled (concerning building and fire code)
What is a performance based code
describes an acceptable level of performance that assembly, material, or system must meet without specifically stating how the item is assembled
Which one of these provides cost effective protection based on the actual hazard -
prescriptive based code
performance based code
performance based code
Define consensus standard
a document that a committee of industry experts developed and agreed upon before adoption
Name three organizations that develop national consensus standards that relate to fire and life safety
- National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA)
- ASTM international (American Society for Tesing and Materials)
- Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
uniform fire code
standard for the installation of sprinklers
standard for the installation of standpipe and hose systems
NFPA 101
life safety code
NFPA 704
standard system for the ID of Haz Mat for emergency response
NFPA 1031
standard for professional qualifications for fire inpector and plan examiner
NFPA 5000
building construction and safety code
UL 260
standard for dry pipe and deluge valves for fire-protection services
UL 299
dry chemical fire extinguishers
Define Model Code
used describe a set of requirements similar to a standard
Codes and standards are only enforceable when the ___ adopts them
(authority having jurisdiction)
Do some facilities have to meet the requirements of multiple codes?
An inspector should constantly monitor code provisions enacted at ___ levels of government
Define fire door
Specificallly constructed, tested, an approved fire rated door assembly designed and installed to prevent fire spread
Define fire wall
wall with a specified degree of fire resistance that is designed to prevent the spread of fire within a structure or between adjacent structures
True or False
Codes can be modified
certain circumstances do call for code modification
Define model codes
codes based on a consensus of expert opinions
Local code will often adopt ___ codes
model codes
Anytime a new code or amendment is proposed, what group is included in its development
Define stakeholders concerning code amendment
stakeholders are composed of all individuals who are affected by the code itself
Those most often identified as stakeholders are ___
- insurance industry
- elected officials
- building industry
- chamber of commerce
- citizen groups
When fire and safety code officials determine that a nw code is needed, what should be formed?
a code development team, or task force
The order in which code enforcement upon an individual takes place
- notification, sometimes referred to as a citation or a liability notice
- follow up inspection
- sanction
- prosecution
Define permit
an official document that grants a property owner or other party permission to perform a specific activity
Name the five typical permits listed in the IFSTA
1 maintenance, storage or use of haz mat

2 hazardous operations or processes

3 installation/operation of equipment in connection with hazardous operations, maintenance, and storage

4 open burning

5 large area tents
What does ANSI stand for
American National Standard Institute
What does ANSI do?
ANSI ensures access to the standards process is made available to anyone directly or materially affected by a standard that is under development
One serious drawback to using wood for construction
is the combustibility
What are glulam beams?
strips of small wood laminated together to make a larger beam
What are the two main methods of fire retardant treatment of wood
impregnation and surface coating
What is a common use of fire retardent treated plywood
sheathing for roofs in multi family dwellings
What are two disadvantages of building with steel
rust, and how much it weakens when its been exposed to heat
What is the most common way to protect steel in a fire resistive building
through the use of a insulating material such as lath and plaster, multiple layers of gypsum board, sprayed on cement like coating, mineral and fiberboards
How is fire rated glass rated
minutes of resistance to fire
Where are type X and C gypsum board used
Used in fire rated assemblies
What is a cantilever roof
roof structure wxtending from the edge of the building, which is anchored only at one end
What is a parapet wall
walls that extend above the roof of a structure for appearan ce purposes
What is a live load
items within a building that are movable but are NOT included as a permanent part of the structure. Examples are addition of people, objects or weather
What is a fire cut
cut in wood joists where the joist meets a masonry wall. This allows wook components attached to masonry walls to fall away from the wall under fire conditions without causing the wall to collapse
Walls constructed with fire rated materials can have fire ratings of ___
2 to 4 hours
Walls that have a thickness of ___ inches or more have an inherently high degree of fire resistance
18 inches or more
What does the presence of a thrust plate indicate?
that the building has undergone repairs to its structural integrity
What is a thrust plate
steel plate located on the exterior of a masonry building to which a tension rod is anchored
In heavy timber construction columns are not less than _ x _ inches and beams (except roof beams) are not less than _ x _ inches
8x8 for columns
6x10 for beams
What is the most popular form of wood construction?
light wood framing
What is unique about balloon framing
the studs are conitinuous from the sill to the top plate of the roof line
Openings in masonry walls are usually one of three styles. Name them
lintel, arch, corbelling
Typical brick wall construction terminology
course - bricks laid side by side in a horizontal layer

wythe - horizontal courses of bricks laid on top of each other

stretcher - when bricks are laid flat, end to end

soldier - when the bricks are vertically on end

header - bricks laid flat across the top of a wall being used to bond two wythes
Define mushroom capital
flaring conical head ona concrete column
Define drop panel
thickened concret panel that extends a minimum of 4 inches in all directions from the top of a column to provide support for the concrete slab
Define flat plate
plain floor slab about 8 inches thick that rests on columns spaced up to 22 feet apart
Define corbel
bracket or ledge made of stone, wood, brick or other building material protecting from the face of a wall or column used to support a beam, cornice or arch
Define fire walls
in place to limit the maximum spread of fire. Rated in hours, maximum rating for building code is 4 hours
Define party walls
a wall that lies on a lot line between two buildings and is common to both buildings.
Are party walls load bearing?
almost always
Define fire partitions and fire barriers
interior walls used to subdivide a floor or area of a building but do not qualify as a fire walls
Define enclosure and shaft walls
these walls are used to encompass vertical openings such as stairwells, elevator shafts and pipe chases that extend from floor to floor
Are enclosure walls load bearing?
Define curtain walls (sometimes known as cladding)
this wall is used to seperate the interior environment from the exterior environment
Are curtain walls load bearing?
Name three categories of roof contruction
Name 3 methods of classifying fire doors
1 hourly protection rating
2 alphbetical letter designation
3 combination of hour and letter
How does and inpector determine a doors fire rating?
look for the labels
Are fire rated walls and fire rated doors always interconnected?
What is a steiner tunnel test
a test that determines the flame spread rating of a material
List the components of a HVAC system (heating, ventilating and air conditioning system)
- outside air intakes
- fans
- air filtration devices
- air heating and cooling equipment
- air ducts
Why do fire escapes pose a high level of danger?
because their structural soundness may be suspect and they may fail when put into service. They are subject to outside environment and only supported via anchor points to the outside of the building
What is a smoke developed rating
a measure of the relative visual obscurity created by the smoke from a tested material
In what ways does interior finish contribute to the behavior of fire
- affects the rate of fire growth to flashover
- adds to the intensity of a fire because it contributes fuel
- produces smoke and toxic gases
- contributes to fire extension by flame spread over its surface
What is more rigid -
fire door testing
fire wall testing
fire wall testing
How are fire doors tested
in a furnace exposing the fire doors to the same time and temperature curve used to establish the fire resistance rating of structural assemblies