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Best Glide Airspeed (1764 lbs) (L/D Max)
73 Knots
Max. Oil Quantity (U.S. Qts)
6 Qts
Vfe (Flaps LDG) (Max Airspeed With Flaps Extended)
78 Knots
Max. Demonstrated Crosswind Component (Kts)
20 Knots
Oil Pressure Normal Operating Range (PSI)
30-60 PSI
Max. Takeoff Weight (Lbs)
1764 Pounds
Maximum Permissible Continuous RPM
2800 RPM
Max. Cumulative Starter Op. Before Cooling 3-5 Min.
30 Seconds
Va (1764 Lbs) (No Abrupt or Full Control Inputs Above Va - Overstress Conditions Will Occur)
106 Knots
Forced Landing Final Approach Airspeed (Flaps LDG)
55 Knots
Min. Oil Quantity (U.S. Qts.)
4 Qts.
Forced Landing Final Approach Airspeed (Flaps CRUISE)
64 Knots
Usable Fuel (U.S. Gal.)
24.0 U.S. Gallons
Vno (Max Structural Cruising Speed)
118 Knots
Max. Tailwind Component for Solo Flights (Kts)
5 Knots
Vfe (FLAPS T/O) (Max Airspeed with Flaps Extended)
100 Knots
Max. Time for Oil Pressure to Reach 10 PSI after Start
30 Seconds
Restart if Propeller has Stopped & Starter is Inoperative
137 Knots
Max. Oil Pressure (PSI)
100 PSI
Max RPM after Start until Oil Temp Indication Registers
1000 RPM
Minimum Engine-Out Airspeed to Sustain Windmilling Prop
60 Knots
Max. Crosswind Component for Solo Flights (Kts)
15 Knots
Vne (Never Exceed Airspeed)
164 Knots
Oil Temperature Normal Operating Range (F)
75 - 220 Degrees F
Forced Landing Final Approach Airspeed (FLAPS T/O)
60 Knots
Maximum Permissible Bank Angle for Steep Turns
60 Degrees
Min. RPM for Operations with Fuel Pump Off
1000 RPM
Voltmeter Green Arc (Volts)
12.5 - 16 Volts
Max. Continuous Starter Operation
10 Seconds