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-just (just call me etc.)
a secas
en seco
on time
a buena hora
a ciegas
with great difficulty
a duras penas
without the knowledge of...
a escondidas de
at great speed
a escape
at the request of
a instancias de
a la buena
a la mala
at random/aimlessly
a la ventura
a las claras
at the very latest
a más tardar
as i understand it
a mi entender
with great insistence
a porfía
at about...
a filo de
to beat about the bush
andarse con rodeos
the year before last
año antepasado
not yet (a)
aún no
not yet (t)
todavia no
just yesterday
ayer mismo
all joking aside
bromas aparte
to make fun of
bularse de
to catch a cold
coger catarro
serene/as if nothing had happened
como si tal cosa
no wonder
con razón
to pretend
dar a entender
to vouch for
dar fe a
not by any means
ni mucho menos
in broad daylight
en pleno día
to sleep it off
dormir la mona
well and good
santo y bueno
it's all over
se ha acabado
to take after/look like
salir a
once in a while
una que otra vez
to have a big mouth
tener una lengua larga
what's the difference
que más da
to try one's best
poner todo de su parte
to be proud,boast
pagarse de
not so often
no tan a menudo
not a laughing matter
no ser cosa de juego
to not be able to stand
no poder con
at least
menos mal
to not have the slightest idea
no tener la menor idea
to be honest
si digo la verdad
as usual
como simepre