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able + infinitive
Tom is able to play the guitar with his toes.
access to
Steve never has access to his dad's bank account.
agree on + noun
We agreed on the plan.
agree on + gerund
We agreed on going to town.
agree to
We agreed to go away.
aid + person/thing
The magnifying glass aided his search.
allows for
Your schedule does not allow for much time.
appeal to
He wants to appeal to my good sense.
ask + infinitive
He asked to go home.
ask + person + infinitive
He asked me to go home.
*associate with
We never associate with Steve – he is far too tacky!
*attribute to
His tackiness can be attributed to too many comic books as a child.
*base on
I think that the movie Star Wars is based on a true story.
begin + infinitive
It soon began to rain.
boom in
There was a boom in the sale of yellow polka-dot bikinis as soon as Natalia Paris tried one on.