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Acabar de
to have just
Aprovecharse de
to take advantage of
Asistir a
to attend
Bajar de
to get off
Burlarse de
to make fun of
Cambiar de (opinio'n)
to change (mind)
Casarse con
to marry
Contar con
to rely on, to count on
Creer que si'(no)
To think so(not)
Cumplir ---an'os
te be ---years old
Cumplir con (su palabra)
To fufill, keep (your word)
Dedicarse a
to devote oneself
Dejar caer
to drop
Dejar de inf.
to stop, to fail to
Despedirse de
to say goodbye to
Echarse a inf.
to begin, to start
Echar de menos
to miss
Echar una carta al correo
to mail a letter