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Q. I'm a real "powerhouse" That's plain to see I break down food to release energy
A. mitrochondria
Q. I am strong and stiff getting through me is tough I'm found only in plants
A. cell wall
Q. My name means "colored bodies" and I contain DNA I pass on traits to new cells in a sysmtematic way
A. chromosomes
Q. I'm the brain of the cell I regulate activities
A. nucleus
Q. Found in only plant cells I'm green as can be I make food for the plant using the sun's energy
A. chloroplast
Q. I'm a series of tubes found throughout the cell I transport proteins and other things as well
A. endoplasmic reticulum ( ER)
Q. I'm full of holes flexible and thin I control what gets out and what comes in
A. cell membrane
Q. Proteins are made here even though quite small you can find me in the cytoplasm or attached to the (ER'S) wall
A. ribosomes
Q. I've been called a "storage tank" by those with little taste I'm a sac filled with water food enezymes or waste
A. vacuoles
Q. since I contain may enzymes I can digest an injured cell and can break down a large molecule into a smaller one as well
A. lysosomes