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how confirm DVT
ultrasonography and/or contrast venography
how confirm PE
spiral CT
ventilation/perfusion scan
pulmonary angiography
how monitor oral anticoag Tx?
how Tx arterial thrombosis
fibrinolytic agents
how Tx venous thrombosis
use of fibrinolytic agents to lyse venous thrombi is controversial
how document thrombus?
must do imaging studies b/c physical exam finding (pain, tenderness, discoloration of limb) lack sensitivity and specificity
Test of choice for screening for DVT
Duplex dopper ultrasonography
how document calf and thigh DVT
contrast venography
most often used test to document PE
spiral CT
gold std to Dx PE
pulmonary angiography
tests to Document DVT
1. Duplex doppler ultrasonography
2. contrast venography
tests to document PE
1. spiral CT
2. V/Q scan
3. pulmonary angiography