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primary drug to Tx acute thrombosis (arterial and venous--i.e. DVT and PE)
unfractionated heparin
MOA of heparin
binds AT and accelerates inhibitation of Factor 10a and thrombijn
target therapeutic range for herparin
prlong the PTT 1.5-2 times control valuese
primary oral drug to cause chronic coagulation
MOA of warfarin
interferes wiuth vit K-dependent gamma-carboxylation of Factor 2(prothrombin), 7,9,10
how dose warfarin (INR of what)?
S/E of warfarin
warfarin-induced skin necrosis
what is important to remember about hirudin?
must reduce dose of hirudin (anticoagulant) A LOT in renal problems since it can cause a FATAL BLEED (since hirudin is cleared by kidneys)
antiplatelet agents
1.ASA (Aspirin)-irrev inhibits platelet COX-->block the production of A2 (an enhancer of platelet activation)
2. Clopidogrel (inhibits ADP-dependent platelet agg)
3. GP2/3 inhibitors (Fab fragment of monoclonal Ab directed against GP2/3, which is a fibrin receptor on platelet)
fibrinolytic agents
a. Tissue plasminogen activator (TPA)
b. Urokinas
c. Streptokinase
MOA of fibrinolytic agents (Tissue plasminogen activator)
activates plasminogen to plasmin, which degrades the thrombus
S/E of fibrinolytic agents
cerebral hemorrhage
Tx uncomplicated DVT/PE
at least 5 days of heparin (UH or LMWH) overlapping with warfarin to adchieve target range of INR 2-3
-duration of therapy is 3-6 months for first event of DVT/PE
chronic atrial fib is assoc w/increase risk of
thromboembolic stroke