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most common pathogen causing septicemia in a sickle cell pt
Strep pneumonia
most common pathogen causing meningitis in a sickle cell pt
strep pneumonia
most common pathogen causing osteomyelitis/arthrits in a sickle cell pt
most common pathogen causing pneumonia in a sickle cell pt
resp viruses
common cardiac complication c sickle cell pts
cardiomegaly due to need for high CO c the anemia
why do sickle cell pts end up needing high doses of narcotics
massive pain
tolerance to drugs
rapid metabolism of drugs
what happens to the spleens of sickle cell pts
gets massive early on and the atrophies due to work overload

just cant take it
how long to sickle cell pts live
average of 42 for men and 48 for women
what is sarcoidosis
non-caseating granulomations disease
multisystem disorder
young and middle aged adults
pulmonary, skin, liver, spleen, lymph, heart, CNS
who gets sarcoidosis
typically 20-40 yrs old
much more common and severe in african americans
what is the pathogenisis of sarcoidosis
genetic predisposition Plus
one or more types of environmental exposure causing antigenic stimulus

exaggerated immune response
what is the immunology behind sarcoidosis
depressed type IV hypersensitivity
inc Th1 response
immune complexes
B-cell hyperactivity
what are the clinical manifestations of sarcoidosis
50% asymptomatic c abnormal CXR

25% cough, SOB, hemoptysis, wheezing, pain

25% fever, headache, malaise

5% lofgrens synd

7% have other organs effected
What are the PE findings of sarcoidosis
cutaneous nodules
erythema nodosum
organ involvement
lung- 90%
skin- 25%
Liver- 50 to 80%
occular lesions-11-80%
how do you treat sarcoidosis
prednisone 30-60 mg QD
what is lofgrens syndrome
bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy
erythema nordosum
what is stage 4 sarcoidosis
advanced fibrosis
cor pulmonale
Hx of sleep apnea
wife notices:
pt gasping for breath
stops breathing
LOUD snoring

restless sleep
neck size over 17"
what is the definition of sleep apnea
cessation of airflow for greater than 10 sec
how do you diagnose sleep apnea
sleep study that reveals

Mild: 5-15 events an hour
moderate: 15 - 30
severe: over 30
what are the treatment options for sleep apnea
Weight loss
what is a CPAP
mask with continuous positive pressure
what is a bi-PAP
for severe apnea
high pressure on inhilation, lower pressure on exhilation