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What is your name?
Ibn Warraq.
What is your religion?
Do you consider yourself a member of the Arab World?
Do you think it was wrong to print that cartoon?
No, because they I believe in the freedom of expression.
Do you believe that the intentions of the cartoons were positive or negative?
Positive, because the intentions were to accept Muslims into the Danish culture.
Since your Muslim why don't you feel these cartoons shouldn't have been printed?
Muslim or not, I still believe in freedom of expression, the Danish newspaper had the right to print it.
Do you believe that the printing of these cartoons caused Mohammed to have a negative reputation?
The cartoons were blown out of proportion. I do not think the cartoons changed anyone's viewpoint.
Do you believe that the Muslims were in right to react the way did?
Not at all, violence is never the answer to this situation and most others.