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which shutdown command brings the system down to maintenance mode?
shutdown -m
what is the alog command used for?
this is a BOS feature that provides a general purpose logging program that can be used by any application or user to manage a log.
what 2 commands should be used to change the /etc/inittab file?
mkitab and the chitab
what is the format of the /etc/inittab file?
what is the telinit q command used for?
in order to re-read the /etc/inittab command
to view information created during the boot, that may have displayed on screen, what command can be used?
alog -o -t boot
what is the /etc/inittab file used for?
this file lists the processes that init will start, and it also specifies when to start them.
what is the purpose of the startsrc Command and what is the syntax?
Starts a subsystem, a group of subsystems, or a subserver.
startsrc [-a Argument] [-e Environment] [-h Host] {-s Subsystem |-g Group}
how do you get a list of all defined subsystems?
lssrc -a