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term referring to software that lets servers run as if they were several separate machines
Apple's new product for summer 2007
Microsoft new PC operating system: name and critique
Vista. not as big deal as Windows 2005 or XP; big companies do not need to switch quickly; needs more processor speed and memory
other products in this category, besides pc's
servers, hand-held computers, personal music players, related services, smart phones
besides phone services, what smart phones provide
email and internet access
sales are to which 2 segments
consumers and businesses
limitting factors to heavy server expansions
they use a lot of power! need cooling systems
4 main manufacturers
Hewlett-Packard (HPQ); Apple (AAPL); Sun Microsystems (SUNW); Dell (DELL)
Hot server farm stock
Rackable Systems (RACK)
PC and server chips: 2 favorite brands
AMD (AMD); Intel (INTC)