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What is in the lateral wall of the nose?
3 pairs of choncha
ethmoid = superior, middle
inferior (separate)

middle meatus - pour fluid from frontal and maxillary sinus

inferior meatus - nasal lacrimal duct emppty into
What is the soft palate made of?
muscous membrane, muscle
What keeps food from entering the nasal pharyxn when swallowing?
What are some functions of nose?
1. moisten air - globlet
2. warm air - venus plexus
3. clean air - cilia
4. resonance of voice
What are some characterisitcs of the pharynx?
fibro muscular tube,
5 in long,
begins at base of skull,
continues to C-6
What is in the nasal pharynx?
Eustacian tube (equalizes air pressure), phargia tonsil, air repitory epithelium with globlet cells
What is in the oral pharynx
food, air, stradified squamous, paletine and lingual tonsils
What is in the larynagal pharynx
stratified squamous, goes to esophagues
What is larynx made up of?
9 cartillages, 3 paired, 3 unpaired

unparied - 1 = thyroid cartillage, 2 = cricoid cart, 3 = epiglattis cart
What does the thyroid cartilage do?
enlarges in puberty, allows the boice to deepen and become threatening
Where are the false vocal cord and true vocal cords
false = superior
true = inferior
What contracts to raise pitch
thyroarytenoid muscle
What is the trachea?
16-20 c shaped rings, tracheotomy is opening trachea at X