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Unity of Action
cause-and-effect chain constructed of each of the incidents in a play
Incentive moment
beginnin of the play
reversal of intention
tragic mistake or error/flaw
purgation, cleansing at the end of a show
Aristotle's Tragic Hero
"better" than in real life, someone highly renowned and yet not eminently good
Poetics differ in three aspects..
the medium, the objects, and the manner or mode of imitation
characters in tragedies are
either better or worse than in real life(exaggerated)
Comedy represents men as
epic poetry vs tragedy
tragedy tries to keep to one day, where as epics can be set in as long of a time span as wanted.
All the elements of an epic are found in a tragedy but not vice versa
core of tragedy
tragedy is an imitation of an action that is serious, complete, and of a certain magnitude
Tragedy is...
the imitation of an action
the six parts of Tragedy are
Plot, Character, Diction, Thought, Spectacle, and song
Most important part of tragedy
structure of the plot
novice writesrs try to.... before....
work on character before they construct a plot
Second place in order of importance with tragedy
plays must have a change
from bad to good or good to bad
Deux es Machina
puley machine that lowers gods
Milton school's
St. Paul's School, and Cambridge
believed a poet must be...
a person of learning, familiar with ancient and contemporary philosophy, history, languages, and literatures.
Milton traveled to
Italy(always admired their language and culture)
Minor Poems
poems written by Milton uring his tour of Italy
2 short books written in the early part of Milton's career
Comus, and Lycidas
Comis is...
a masque
Milton believed that Human beings have...
been given the ability and freedom to choose between good and evil and so long as they choose the good they will remain strong and free
celebrates the memory of a dead person; Milton's celebrates Edward King
pastoral elegy bcauee
it imitates some ancient elegies by using imagery of shepherds and their flocks.
elegy celebrates(lycidas)
a human being's capacity to create something significant, even in a short lifetime
Milton believed a poet must be... in the life of his time
milton started publishing...
prose works in support of the PArliamentary Party
Some people referred to Milton as a
puritan vs. milton
shared extreme dislike of kings an bishops, contrasting views on divorce(milton supports) and censorship of the press by the gov (milton is against)
Milton served...
in the gov of England under Oliver Cromwell as Latin Secretary
Milton became
Milton wrote.... about his blindness
On HIs Blindness
Milton's ideal gov
a republic in which the most capable, intelligent, and virtuous men would serve as leaders
Milton was... when King Charles II was crowned
stripped of possesions and arrested as a traitor
who saved Milton when he was banished?
Andrew Marvell
THought he needed to.... as a poet
imitate the great writers of the past like the epic poets, and Greek dramatists
Milton wanted to write aboutton
King Arthur and the roundtable
Milton religious views
he rejected the Roman Catholic CHurch, and the Church of English, and all other sects that existted... bellieved religion involved only God, the Bible, and each individual
William Blake said this about Milton
he was on the Devil's party without knowing it
Milton's was set apart from other epic's
it wasn't based around all earthly matters
an epic poet must do 2 things in the begining
invoke the Mue, and state the subject of the poem
Epic is written in
blank verse, unryhmed iambic pentameter