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To prohibit, forbid, ban, halt
Interdict (v)
is a prohibition against something
To imply, suggest or insinuate
Intimiate (V)
A hint
Intimation (N)
Not easily managed or directed, stubborn, obstinate
Inractable (adj)
Refusing to compromise
Intransigent (adj)
Steadfast, courageous
Intrepid (adj)
Accustomed to accepting something undesirable
Inured (adj)
To attack verbally, denounce, deprecate
Inveigh (v)
To obtain by deception or flattery
Inveigle (v)
Deep routed, ingrained, habitual
Inveterate (adj)
Easily angered; prone to temperamental outbursts
Irascible (adj)
To travel from place to place
Itinerate (v)
traveling from place to place