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How does an instructor "look a student in the eye" in a receiving classroom?
By looking directly into the instructor camera.
What does NTSC stand for?
National Television Standards Commission
Explain how a serif font differs from a sans serif font.
A serif font has extrusions/feet/tails - a sans serif font does not.
What piece of equipment allows learners to view and share three dimensional objects with classmates?
The document camera (also called a presentation camera).
What piece of equipment is often used to check what image is being sent out from a broadcast site?
The preview camera
What does codec stand for?
What is the "safe area" and why is it important?
Its is the "frame", typically 10 percent, left blank around information/graphic to be sent out over I-TV. Planning for the safe area ensures all viewers can see all the information being broadcast.
What is the technical term for making an Internet based video call?