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Tom baila.
Tom's dancing.
Tom dances.
Tom baila los miércoles.
Tom dances on Wednesday.
¿Sube Tom las rocas los viernes?
Does Tom go rock climbing on Fridays?
Does Tom climb rocks on Fridays?
Sí, Tom sube las rocas los viernes.
Yes, Tom goes rock climbing on Fridays.
Es inteligente. No es tonto.
He's smart. He's not dumb.
Es fuerte. No es débil.
He's strong. He's not weak.
She's strong. She's not weak.
Es rubio. No es moreno.
He's blond. He's not dark.
Es delgada. No es gorda.
She's thin. She's not fat.
Es flaco. No es gordito.
He's thin. He's not chubby.
Tiene ojos verdes. No tiene ojos azules.
He has green eyes. He doesn't have blue eyes.
She has green eyes. She doesn't have blue eyes.
Tiene pelo rojo. No tiene pelo castaño.
He has red hair. He doesn't have brown hair.
She has red hair. She doesn't have brown hair.
Tiene ocho años.
He's 8 years old. She's 8.
Tiene pelo corto. No tiene pelo largo.
He has short hair. He doesn't have long hair.
She has short hair. She doesn't have long hair.
Es alto. No es bajo.
He's tall. He isn't short.
Es baja. No es alta.
She's short. She isn't tall.
Anda en bicicleta los martes.
He rides bikes on Tuesdays.
She rides bikes on Tuesdays.
Dibuja mejor.
He draws better.
She draws better.
Nada los sábados.
He goes swimming on Saturdays.
She goes swimming on Saturdays.
Saca fotos.
He takes pictures.
She takes pictures.
Va a «Mi espacio» todos los días.
He goes on My Space every day.
She goes on My Space every day.
Va de compras los viernes.
He goes shopping on Fridays.
She goes shopping on Fridays.
Lucha karate los miércoles.
He does karate on Wednesdays.
She does karate on Wednesdays.
Toca la guitarra muy bien.
He plays guitar very well.
She plays guitar very well.
Patina mejor.
He skates better.
She skates better.
He skateboards better.
She skateboards better.
Da un paseo.
He's taking a walk.
She's going for a walk.
Juega al fútbol.
He plays soccer.
She plays soccer.
He's playing soccer.
She's playing soccer.
Juega al voleibol mejor.
He plays volleyball better.
She plays volleyball better.
Manda mensajes.
Manda mensajes de texto.
He sends messages.
He text messages.
She is texting.
He sends e-mails.
She's e-mailing.
Duerme los domingos.
He sleeps on Sundays.
She sleeps on Sundays.
Monta las olas cuando va a la playa.
He goes surfing when he goes to the beach.
She surfs when she goes to the beach.
Va al cine con Tom.
He goes to the movies with Tom.
She's going to the movies with Tom.