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Was the character of El Cid based on a real man?
Yes. (His name was Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar.)
What does "el cid" mean?
sir, lord, or master
Who is "El Campeador"?
El Cid (Rodrigo)
(campeador meant "field doctor or master" thus: champion)
Does the phrase, "him who in good hour was born" mean that El Cid was lucky, happy, rich, or handsome?
What is a vassal?
a faithful servant or follower
What are minstrels, troubadours, or bards?
traveling story-tellers, entertainment in the Medieval Age
Who was Alfonso VI?
The King of Castile who exiled El Cid
Did Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar live around 1000 AD or around 1492 AD?
1000 AD (after the Moors had conquered Spain and when the Christians in the North were trying to re-conquer it back.) He lived from 1043-1099.
a long, narrative poem telling the deeds of a legendary or historic hero
an element that recurrs throughout a narration
main theme of El Cid
minor themes of El Cid (name 2)
rise to power, being a good soldier, uprightness, battles, journeys, separation and return
During what historic age did the epic story of El Cid take place?
Medieval Age
knightly courtesy and honor