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Which standard allows several virtual servers to resolve to the same IP address?
HTTP 1.1
What tool can be used to publish a webpage if FrontPage Extensions is installed on the server?
HTTP Publish
What type of attack leaves lots of half-open ports on a web server?
SYN flood
The HOSTS file is limited to how many lines?
What is CDF?
a proposed open standard for "push" technology
What method can be used to send a secure message between two computers?
What DNS record identifies the person responsible for a domain?
What method of encryption does PGP use?
public/private key
What communications technology is point-to-point and OS-independent?
Who runs the major Network Access Points?
major telecom companies
What language is CDF built on?
Where are the key Network Access Points?
New York, Chicago, San Francisco
What organization oversees the IETF?
What is a bastion host?
one that is exposed to attack from the internet
What does EDI do?
automates sharing of information between computers
What is a 403 error?
access denied
What are used to identify application processes to the Transport layer?
port assignments
What organization is responsible for approving all internet standards?
the IETF
What extension do files written in VRML have?
How fast is a T3?
44.74 Mbps
What do 400-level web error messages point to?
client errors
What are the two main categories of DSL?
What does a 503 error indicate?
server is busy
What do 500-level web error messages point to?
server errors
What is the most common extension for files encoded with BINHex?
What method does SET uses to authenticate and identify users?
digital signatures
What does a 502 error indicate?
server is temporarily overloaded
Which WAN technology has speeds ranging from 155.52-622.08 Mbps?
Is TIFF compressible?
What does CDF stand for?
Channel Definition Format
What has to be at the end of a bus network cable?
a 50-ohm terminator