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What is EDI used for?
transferring data between dissimilar companies
Who created Java?
Sun Microsystems
What does EDI stand for?
Electronic Data Interchange
How long is a copyright good for?
the life of the author plus 50 years
What does XML stand for?
eXtensible Markup Language
What does streaming media do?
allow the media player to begin playing media before all data has arrived
What is PERL primarily used for?
writing CGI scripts
What advantage does GIF offer over JPEG?
better resolution and crispness when compressed
What limitation does ASP have?
Must be run on an IIS server
What type of images are TIFF's?
How does C++ differ from C?
What is S/MIME?
an enhancement to MIME supporting RSA's public-key encryption of email
How does a relational database differ from a flat database?
relational databases store data in multiple tables in various formats
What type of control is Shockwave?
XML is primarily used on what type of website?
shopping sites
Which offers higher compression, JPEG or GIF?
What is VBscript used for?
adding controls to webpages
Who created AVI?
Who created JScript?
What advantages does MPEG have over QuickTime?
better quality
Who created JavaScript?
Who created QuickTime?
What does VRML stand for?
Virtual Reality Modeling Language
What does Flash allow?
vector-based websites
What is used to run Java?
a Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
What body licences copyrighted material?
the Library of Congress
What does PERL stand for?
Practical Extraction and Report Language
What does PNG stand for?
Portable Network Graphic
What is ODBC used for?
Allowing a web server to interact with an SQL server
What is QuickTime's greatest strength?
ability to show 3D photos and artwork
XML is based on what language?
Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML)
What is SET?
Secure Electronic Transactions; uses digital signatures for credit card transactions over the Internet
What is the HTML syntax for a copyright symbol?
What image type is PNG most similar to?
What does AVI stand for?
Audio Video Interleave
What is the most common standard for digital certificates?
What does TIFF stand for?
Tagged Image File Format
What is GIF89a?
the latest version of GIF, allowing animated GIFS (by storing multiple images in one file) and interleaving
What does MPEG stand for?
Moving Picture Experts Group
What is the difference between "push" and "pull"?
in "push", the browser receives content without requesting it
How is compression performed on MPEG's?
by saving only the changes between images, rather than each image