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Dog, dog
1. I can see the dog.
2. The dog can see me.
3. The dog can see you.
4. Can you see the dog?
5. I like the dog.
6. The dog likes me.
Cat, cat
1. Can you see the yellow cat?
2. Look at the yellow cat.
3. The cat likes me.
4. The cat likes you.
5. The cat likes me and you.
Hat, hat
1. Look at the hat.
2. Can you see me and the hat?
3. The hat is red and blue.
4. I like my red and blue hat.
Mat, mat
1.The cat sat on the mat.
2.The dog sat on the mat.
3.I sat on the mat.
4.The dog, cat and I sat on the mat.
5 I like the white mat.
And, and
The cat and the rat ran.
The dog and the cat sat.
I can see you and me.
I like the hat and the mat.
Tree, tree
1. I see the tree.
2. I can see the green tree.
3. Look at the green tree.
4. I like the tree.
5. The cat can go up the tree.
6. The cat likes the green tree
Look, look
1. Look at the cat.
2. Look at the dog.
3. I can look at you.
4. You can look at me.
5. I can look at the tree and the cat
Likes, likes
1. The cat likes the hat.
2. The cat likes the cap.
3. The dog likes to wag.
4. I do not like the green bag.
5. I like the orange and black bag.
Bag, bag
1. Is the bag blue?
2. The bag is blue.
3. I like the blue bag.
4. I like to look at the blue bag.
Cap, cap
1. I like the cap.
2. I like to look at the cap.
3. I like to look at the red cap.
4. A cap is like the hat.
Wag, wag
1. A dog can wag.
2. Look at the dog wag.
3. Can you wag like a dog?
4. See the dog wag and wag.
Map, map
1. I see the map.
2. I see the yellow map.
3. Look at the map.
4. I like the map.