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Inherited autosomal recessive trait that can pass to children; genetic counseling is recommended
Normal at birth; vomiting, failure to thrive; moderate to serious developmental delays; musty odor in urine; seborrheic skin lesions; behavior problems
Medical management of PKU
Dietary control, phenyl-free or phenyl-reduced diet; need essential amino acids; Lofenalac
Medical management of hypothyroidism
Oral replacement therapy (Sodium levothyroxine) Synthroid
Serum levels of T3 and T4 are borderline or low
prolonged physiological jaundice; feeding difficulties; pallor (anemia); constipation; excessive sleeping, placid, good-natured baby; slow reflexes
One of the most prominent symptoms of PKU
musty odor in urine
Nursing management for hypothyroidism
teach parents levels of T3 and T4 must be increased as child grows up. Medication must be taken for life. Observe for overdose
Nursing management of PKU
Teach diet. Close nutritional supervision. Provide info about resources. Woman with PKU can pass it on to infant.
What to teach PKU + woman before she gets pregnant
Woman with PKU can pass it on to infant. Go on low phenyl diet 3 months before pregnancy.
Controversial topic about PKU diet
Should it be for life or only until after they pass 5 Years of age?
Phenyl level for dietary management
<9 mg/dl
Foods to avoid/eat with PKU
Avoid meats, milk, eggs, diet colas; eat OJ, bananas, potatoes, lettuce, spinach, peas
possible causes of hypothyroidism in children
congenital (absent or nonfunctioning thyroid), iodine deficiency, autosomal recessive gene
Name of test for hypothyroidism and PKU
Guthrie test
Causes of hyperthyroidism in children
autoimmune response
Signs and symptoms of hyperthyroidism in children
restlessness, tremors, poor school performance, behavior problems
Medication for hyperthyroidism in children
antithyroid drugs - PTU
Hypothyroidism in pregnancy
Difficulty in conceiving, spontaneous abortion, hyperemisis gravidarum
management of hypothyroidism in pregnancy
synthroid replacement may need to be increased during pregnancy and tapered down after delivery
hyperthyroidism in pregnancy
Do not diagnose with RAI
Potential complications of hyperthyroid meds during pregnancy
may cross placenta and cause goiters or hypothyroidism in fetus; infant may have airway obstruction at birth; drugs are excreted in breast milk
Meds management during pregnancy for hyperthyroidism
doses of grugs need to be adjustes during pregnancy to the lowest possible dose