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What does the hypothalamus release? How about the pituitary gland? How about the adrenal glands? What is dexamethasone?
glucocorticoids (cortisol) mineralocorticoids and catecholamines
Dexmethasone is a synthetic cortisol/mineralicorticoid
Glucorticoid receptors? upon binding, what happens?
upon binding, they lose HSP and get GR-GR dimerization
Type 1- high affinity for mineralicorticoids; maintain basal tone
What are the functions of cortisol in the stress response?
Increased gluconeogenesis, also get conversion of food glycogen/fat and conversion fo protein into fat..BUILD UP Energy reserve
Inhibits immune response and it inhibits osteoblasts, leading to decreased bone mass
Normally, the stess response is adaptive. What happens if we have chronically high cortisol levels?
Get sleep disturbances, attentional disruption, memory loss, CV disease, susceptibility to infection, osteoporosis
When does cortisol peak as part of its diurnal rythm? Where does cortisol act to do (-) feedback?
In the morning, to get us going for the day.
Acts on pituitary gland, hypothalamus, and hippocampus.
CRF; are there many receptors in the brain? What about CRF's role in the stress response?
widely distributed
It is crucial to the stress reponse as it causes increased sympathetic activity
What disease is implicated with a dysregulation of the HPA system? What is lost and what symptoms remian? Can a loving mothering style lead to epigenetic modification of the R receptor?
Depression; loss circadian rythms and get hyperactive HPA, leading to insomnia, loss of libido,appetite and hyperarousal
YES. Makes individuals less responsive to stress and less anxious