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What are 3 potential causes of hypospadias?
abnormal androgen production, varying degrees of androgen receptor sensitivity in pertinent tissues, environmental estrogens
What is the incidence of hypospadias?
1 in 300 live births
What is the common triad of hypospadias?
hypospadias, chordee and a dorsal hood
What is a chordee?
ventral curvature of the penis
What is a dorsal hood?
in the presence of hypospadias, the dorsal foreskin is termed the dorsal hood
What determines the type of hypospadias repair needed?
location of the meatus
List the 3 possible locations of the meatus in hypospadias and their incidences.
anterior hypospadias (50%): glanular, coronal and subcoronal; middle hypospadias (30%): distal penile, midshaft, and proximal penile; posterior hypospadias (20%): penoscrotal, scrotal and perineal
At what age is surgical repair best performed?
6 to 18 months of age
What are the 3 goals of hypospadias repair?
create a funcionally straight phallus, establish a functional urethra, provide a normal appearance
What is the most common complication of meatal advancement and glansplasty hypospadias repair?
meatal regression
What type of hypospadias repair is useful for midshaft variants?
Onlay island flap
In hypospadias repair, what defect should be corrected first - hypospadias or chordee?
What are potential complications of hypospadias repair?
urethrocutaneous fistula and meatal stenosis