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case: swollen finger, severe pain, minor fever

What sample?
What tests?
Numerous Gram + cocci in clusters w/ numerous pus cells -- Diagnosis?
Tissue - aspirate and culture material from infected site

-Gram Stain
- tells us whether it is infected or not by the number of neutrophils and gives clues to possible etiology. e.g., Gram + cocci in clumps suggestive of staphlococci

routine culture
- Although many physicians will treat this empirically the only way to confirm the etiological diagnosis is to culture material from infected site.

Diagnosis: Presence of gram + cocci in clusters suggestive of staphlococci
clinical diagnoses for Staphylococcus aureus
Epidemic impetigo
Bullous impetigo
Scalded skin
colonies on blood agar plate for Staphylococcus aureus are
yellow cream colored
On campus outbreak of severe sore throats--inflamed pus coated tonsils, low grade fever, lymphadenopathy, & headache

What sample?
What tests?

mono -; CBC = normal mononuclear cells; culture grows out group A streptococcus -- Diagnosis?
Throat swabs culture for group A streptococcus. Only in unusual circumastances do you culture for something else.

Quick Mono/Ebstein Barr blood test - screening test for mononucleosis

Diagnosis: group A streptococcus
Agents of pharyngitis (frequency (+))
Beta Streptococci group A (S. Pyogenes) +++++

Beta Streptococci group C & G ++

Neisseria gonerrhea +

Corynebacteria diptheria (freq. increasing in third world and russia)
Chest pain, fever, productive cough

What sample?
What tests?

Gram stain shows diplococci -Diagnosis?
What sample-sputum
What tests-
gram stain
2 purposes:
1)determine quality of specimen and discard it if it contains only saliva
2)detect bacteria that predominate and are associated with inflammatory (pus) cells indicative of the likely pathogen

Blood Cultures
- respiratory infection is often accompanied by hematogenous spread in blood. Blood can be a good source to find primary respiratory pathogen.

Diagnosis: Streptococcus pneumonea
Streptococcus pneumonea - describe gram stain and plate
gram stain - diplococci, clear zone surrounding bacteria is indicative of capsul

culture - zone of inhibition around optochin
sexual assault no symptoms

What sample?
What tests?
-HIV - Ab response
-Syphilis - Ab response
-Hep screen - Ag marker or Ab response

Urethral/Cervical swab
-Clamydia culture
-Routine Culture for Neisseria Gonnerhea
Plate & gram stain of Neisseria Gonnerhea
Gram stain: Intra and extracellular gram - diplococci

Culture - typically cultured on chocolate or selective (Theyer-Martin media)