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air conditioning is
controling of temp, humidity, cleanness of the air, and distribution of the air.
what are the three ways the body cools itself
the air filter is found at
the air return duct
list the six common types of metering devices
hand operated, low/high side float,axv,txv,capullary tube
subcooling is
removale of heat from a liquid to a temp below it's saturation temp
net refrigerant effect is
the amount of BTU's a refrigerant can absorb into a system.
superheat is
after all liquid is turned into vapor the heat added to it after that.
THe Enthalpy of a refrigerant is expressed in
BTU's per lb
BTU's removed from a superheated vapor back to it saturation state
the specific heat value nof ice is
.5 BTU's
pressure is
force per unit area
three of the main types of compressors are
Reciprocating,rotary, centrifugal
compressor valves are operated by
pressure differance
which value is designed to operate below the valve plate?
what compressor designed uses an external moto?
open type
the four types of shaft seal used on a open type compressor
packing gland, stationary bellows, diaphragm,rotary
most reciprocating compressors use what type of piston drive
Eccentric or crank
___ ____ refers to the space between the top of the piston and the bottom of the valve plate at the top of the piston stroke
clearance volume
the clearance volume should be kept to a .
during operation liquid refrigerant in the compressor clearance space is known as
liquid slugging
what type of drier desiccant is designed to hold moisture by sponge action
Which condenser type is considered the most efficient
evaporative cooled
the two most widely used water cooled condenser designs are
horizontal shell in tube, shell and coil.
what are the two types of evaporators
direct expansion; flooded
secondary refrigerant is normally
water or brine
the evaporative type coil used with chiller systems designed to absorb heat into a a secondary refrigerant are commonly called
convector coil
how is refrigerant flow controlled in cap tubes?
pressure differance.
the high side float metering device is controlled by
rate of condensation
what pressure causes the txv to open wider?
bulb only
to increase the txv superheat setting the spring pressure must be _________.